We Make it Easy to Purchase a US820 Engine

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Unlimited Applications

If you can imagine it, the 820 Engine can power it. High performance power in a small package, the perfect combination.

Easy to Get Parts

In addition to selling the motor we offer every component and part available to fix the engine, right from our website.

US2 Two-Cycle Oil

You should run all your two-cycle equipment with oil specifically formulated for two-cycle engines.

We Power the Joe Built

Our motors power the Joe Built motorized wheelbarrow. With our help, it can haul up to 1,200 lbs!

We Power the Trak Kut

Produced by Racine Railroad, the Trak Kut saw uses the US820 Industrial engines by Us Motor Power.

We Power the Floto

A Waterous Company original, the Floto portable pump is powered by US Motor Power's US820 engine.

50 Years and Still Going Strong

Today's US820 industrial engines from U.S. Motor Power continue a five decade history of providing reliable power for demanding applications. US820 engines are simple to use, durable, lightweight and versatile.

When the requirements are a low engine weight combined with high horsepower and mounting flexibility in a modern compact power package, your best solution is the US820 industrial engine.

The Possibilities are Endless

To meet a variety of size constraints and power demands, USMP's 820 engines are available in several horsepower and P.T.O. extensions. US820's flexible carburetor configurations enable the engines to perform flawlessly in any position and for a variety of operations.

US820 engines offer maximum horsepower per pound and per cubic inch of displacement. The engines are self lubricated, and come with a diaphragm pump carburetor for complete mounting flexibility.