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    • Counter Clockwise Starter
    • Angle Head
    • Bottom Feeder Manifold
    • Ignition Switch
    • Analog Ignition Module
    • Red Fan Housing

    ****Volume discounts are available on all of our engine configurations. Please contact us with any questions to ensure the correct engine for your application is ordered.For volume discounts and questions click here to contact us.

    Our engines can be configured to fit virtually any application you can imagine. From powering motorized wheelbarrows and go-karts, to putting out fires, our engines are extremely tough, reliable, and powerful. We pack a lot of power into a small package and this allows you to adapt it to a wide range of applications.

    Additional information and Specifications

    Today's US820 engines from U.S. Motor Power continue a 40 year history of providing reliable power for demanding applications. U.S. Motor Power engines are simple to use, durable, lightweight and versatile.

    When the requirements are a low engine weight combined with high horsepower and mounting flexibility in a modern compact power package, your best solution is the US820 industrial engine. U.S. Motor Power engines offer maximum horsepower per pound and per cubic inch of displacement, self-lubrication, and a diaphragm pump carburetor for complete mounting flexibility. The results dependable performance under even the most adverse conditions.


    Horsepower: 8 hp
    Bore: 2.531"
    Stroke: 1.62"
    Displacement: 8.2 cu. in. (134.0 cc)
    Mounting: In any position
    Cooling: Air-cooled
    Starter: Automatic rewind
    Ignition: PVL Electronic Ignition
    Spark Plug: 14 mm
    Cylinder: Aluminum diecast crankcase-cylinder with removable cylinder head
    Cylinder Bore: Nikasil  plated
    Crankshaft Output End: Options available
    Bearings, Flywheel, and Power Take-Off End: Ball bearings
    Bearings, Connecting Rod (Upper): Needle Bearings
    Bearings, Connecting Rod (Lower): Needle Bearings
    Connecting Rod: Forged Steel
    Crankshaft: Forged Steel
    Piston: Aluminum Alloy
    Rings: Two, Compression
    Carburetor Location: Variable - 3 positions possible
    Carburetor Type: Diaphragm, with integral fuel pump; permits engine to operate in all positions
    Fuel: Gasoline, regular unleaded
    Fuel/Oil Mix: One third pint oil to one gallon gasoline - (24:1)
    Lubrication: Self-Lubrication with oil in fuel
    Weight: 15 1/2 lbs. - approx.


    • Ignition shut-off switch
    • Carburetor elbow kit
    • Air cleaner
    • Optional output ends
    • Rotation
    • Cylinder Head

    Stock engines are available or engines can be tailored to fit your specific application.


    US820 Engine- 82038-B - CONTACT FOR INQUIRY
    US820 Engine- 82038-B - CONTACT FOR INQUIRY


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